Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 is here!

The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 is world’s premier technology competition where talented students help solve the problems of the world through technology coupled with their imagination and driven by their passion. The Imagine Cup 2012 theme says it all:

“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”.

To be held in Australia this year, Imagine Cup was first held in Barcelona, Spain in 2003 and since then, it has witnessed a huge growth in the number of participants with more than 1.4 million students representing more 183 countries having wanted to create a difference through Imagine Cup till now.

Students compete under various categories like

Imagine Cup represents the will to help make the world a better place to live and its participants, both, get inspired and later inspire others. From software which helps prevent drunken driving on the roads to fighting malaria, from Sudan to India, from geeky nerds to fearless presenters; Imagine Cup gives birth to them all.

Here, we shall frequently talk about Imagine Cup 2012 and also get to know the inside story of a participant team on why/what/how it is to compete in Imagine Cup 2012.

Exclusive videos, inspiration stories, tips and more about Imagine Cup to follow.

Stay Tuned.


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