Why support Team Guids?

Phew! Life today is running at break-neck speed. School, job, children, daily commitments, hobbies and the list goes on. Removing 8 hours of daily sleep, an individual gets only 16 hours to accomplish the hurriedly-scrabbled points in the above to-do list. And in between all this, suddenly we ask you to Support Team Guids, read our blog posts, tweet about us, like us on Facebook and what not. We might be obsessed with gaining more followers and spreading our word to a larger audience, but a few questions may crop in your mind, the primary being ‘Why support Team Guids?‘.

(‘We’ or ‘we’ will henceforth refer to Team Guids and/or members of Team Guids)

Team Guids comprises of a bunch of simple students who often turn up late for their morning class, lookout for excuses to skip punishment for bunking classes, train hardly in the gym to shower their friend with birthday bumps while happily eating away that expensive cake, use a lot of emoticons while chatting on Facebook with ‘:P’ being the most used one and more. In fact, we are just like other students with respect to behaviour. But while others watch Pogo or F.R.I.E.N.D.S and go to sleep, we prefer the desktop / laptop computer to our bed and try to work on new algorithms, methods, logic for Nutri Leaf.

We are committed in bringing a change through our actions and abilities, a positive change. Under this motive, Team Guids has got Nutri Leaf under their belt and are constantly working hard in improving various aspects of this mobile application which acts as a health counsel (more about Nutri Leaf here).

Windows Phone is one of the most promising mobile platform today and we plan to launch the second version of Nutri Leaf on the Windows Phone Marketplace soon.

No, our motive is not to be felicitated in a glittering ceremony with applause all around. Its good if that happens but we aren’t seeking just that. Our main aim is to see a healthy younder generation; to be able to assist the common man with his eating habits, his nutritional intake, his Calorie Burn graph and more such that under the tips which we offer through Nutri Leaf, it brings out a positive change in user’s eating diet.

This is what Team Guids is burning the midnight oil for!

So here we are, nagging you again to follow us, like us, tweet about us and give us little of your precious time. But trust us, it’ll be all worth it!

You can catch up with our actions, find out what we are upto at

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Team Guids – Imagine Cup 2012 participant: What, Why, Where and Who?


Team Guids consists of a bunch of enthusiastic young minds passionate towards technology, wanting to help the common people lead an even better life. Team Guids plans to make a difference, not by studying rocket science but instead through means of software [/* Life does run on code */]. Change is imminent and Team Guids believes in it. As time flies, human interaction with the computer tends to change and the computer or the software application must be smart enough to adapt to this change. By change here, we mean Windows Phone 7. It has helped Microsoft re-write the rule books, erase a few old records (replace them with new ones) and most importantly, bring a smile on the user’s face. Team Guids plans to enlighten the daily user about healthy habits, best practices, daily tips and suggestions on food intake, calories, nutritional value and more while also allowing the user to share the same with friends etc, all through Nutri Leaf, an app targeted for the Windows Phone platform. It does sound exciting when a phone, which stays right in your trouser pocket 24×7, dole out tips and important information regarding your health.


Microsoft Imagine Cup is the perfect platform for bright minds to display their talent and creativity in the field of software, helping solve the common world problems and enabling a better tomorrow.

Supported by Microsoft, Imagine Cup 2012 is scheduled to be held in Sydney, Australia this year and members of Team Guids, participants of Imagine Cup 2012 under Software Design, are busy burning the midnight oil to proudly wear the Indian flag on the stage at the finals. However, the next stop for Team Guids is the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 India Finals.


Right on your Windows Phone device. Yes. Nutri Leaf helps the fitter generation stay even fit by acting as a regular health counsel and being by their side every time there is need.


One is okay. Two is good. Three is great. And Team Guids is great, i.e. for the moment, it comprises of three passionate students, each wanting to contribute something to help make the world a better place to live. And they are:

  • Nawaz Dhandala: A Microsoft Student Partner who loves writing tons of code in the dark, is the founder of Guid Softwares – a startup aimed at improving the quality of education in India in the Software Engineering field. Besides that geeky avatar, he also loves Skateboarding.

Role: Software Architect, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure Developer.

  • Abdul Rahmaan Janoo: Presently pursuing his undergraduation in the Electrical and Electronics stream, loves fiddling with Robots while the Animation industry also excites him. He is involved in preparing eye-catchy presentation material for Team Guids while also helping do some background research for the project.

Role: Animation specialist and Presenter

  • Tushar Tazz: An IT engineer in the making, Tushar has had an early crush on computers right during his childhood. And that ‘crush’ turned into love with time. Quite certain about making his mark in the Software Industry, he loves working on Microsoft technologies and finds Imagine Cup 2012 as the ‘perfect’ opportunity to showcase his talent.

Role: UX Designer

Stay tuned for more upcoming info on Team Guids and Imagine Cup 2012.

Wish them all the best. Ciao!

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 is here!

The Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 is world’s premier technology competition where talented students help solve the problems of the world through technology coupled with their imagination and driven by their passion. The Imagine Cup 2012 theme says it all:

“Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems”.

To be held in Australia this year, Imagine Cup was first held in Barcelona, Spain in 2003 and since then, it has witnessed a huge growth in the number of participants with more than 1.4 million students representing more 183 countries having wanted to create a difference through Imagine Cup till now.

Students compete under various categories like

Imagine Cup represents the will to help make the world a better place to live and its participants, both, get inspired and later inspire others. From software which helps prevent drunken driving on the roads to fighting malaria, from Sudan to India, from geeky nerds to fearless presenters; Imagine Cup gives birth to them all.

Here, we shall frequently talk about Imagine Cup 2012 and also get to know the inside story of a participant team on why/what/how it is to compete in Imagine Cup 2012.

Exclusive videos, inspiration stories, tips and more about Imagine Cup to follow.

Stay Tuned.