How a small kid made a HUGE difference

Picture this:

Heavy rain. Busy street. Cars honking. Mopeds blaring with their horns. Cyclists animatedly expressing disgust. Passerby’s engaging in serious conversation on the present situation. Everything is at a standstill. Reason? A tree just broke off from its trunk and fell right in the middle of the road, thus jeopardizing the route and turning out to be a huge obstacle to pass by. The tree portion fell right in the middle, against the passing route which means people on left side of the fallen tree couldn’t move to the right side and vice-versa.

If seen, there was a lot of activity going on there. Businessmen in Armani suits were discussing about removing the tree from within the bullet-proof glass of their BMWs, passengers parked their two-wheelers carefully ensuring it doesn’t fall and were trying to analyze the length of the tree. Everybody was committed in removing the tree. But was anybody serious enough? There definitely was a lot of serious talk but was there any action? NO!

Out of nowhere came a small kid, probably 10 years of age, stood beside the tree for a min and started pushing the tree away from the road with his bare hands. It can be easily said that after analyzing the kid’s physical strength and the tree’s weight/height, it would be impossible to move the tree had the kid continued doing the same for years together. A few minutes later, he was joined by a bunch of school kids who were also standing at this chaotic point. Seeing a few kids trying to push a HUGE tree, a vendor selling bananas stepped forward and offered his hand. He was later joined by a postman. ‘Please don’t go’ cried a middle-aged man as his wife rushed to lend her support in shoving away the tree. The businessman dropped his Armani suit/tie into the car and stepped out to also lend a hand in this. This inspired his driver to join him and later college teens with their heavily drenched bags, aunties and uncles and a few elderly people joined in too.

Result: With a huge force of more than 50 people, this fallen tree was finally removed from the road and normalcy was restored thus allowing business to happen as usual. The businessman sat back in his car and drove off, the banana vendor started his daily hawk of selling bananas and the uncles and aunties drove off to their respective functions and relatives house. One small figure could be seen still standing. He was the small kid who touched the tree first. There was a cute little smile on his face. A smile of satisfaction. He was the one who inspired people, both a banana vendor and a BMW owner to help him against this common problem. He was the one who made the college teens worry more about this tree problem than getting their bags wet. He was the one who initiated the effort of looking after the inconvenience of the passerby’s when they themselves were just TALKING. And he was just a 10-year-old.

It sometimes takes a small initiative to bring about a change. That initiative may be from a ‘somebody’ or ‘nobody’ but it’s the start and the end that matters the most.

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