Nutri Leaf and importance of health in daily life

Life has become so busy these days. It’s like a train with no final destination, stopping at stations for quick breaks and moving on hurriedly. In this haste of moving on and catching up with the rest, we sometimes do forget the importance of few things in life. One among them is self health. People are so occupied and busy with their materialistic tasks that they do not mind skipping their health checkup for a business meet or binging on junk food against the strict nutritional diet they follow. In this effort to catch up with the fast-moving train, little do they know that in order to catch up, they need to run which one can, only with a healthy body. This implies that a mortal human being may end up missing out on life and its important stages if he tends to overlook a few basic health measures.

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said:

Consuming unhealthy food may end up distorting the protein balance in one’s body, thus leaving some drastic effects on the human body like obesity, stress, malnutrition, food poisoning etc. Ofcourse no one wants to spend the whole 24 hours in a bed being ill due to mis-consumption of food. Being unhealthy on a frequent basis decreases the self-confidence of an individual and contributes to a lazy mind. And a lazy mind is a devil’s workshop.

But in today’s busy scenario where working professionals change flights almost everyday for their business meetings, students engage themselves in multiple activities with hardly eking out time for lunch/dinner and the concept of ‘Brunch‘ has evolved taking the place of breakfast and lunch, the question that arises is as to how can an individual stay updated on healthy matters, especially on diet matters? In this age of smartphones and technology, should one physically meet his doctor regularly or arrange for a virtual meeting? Or do we have another option? Yes we do.

A mobile application which analyses your diet and then advises ‘what to eat’ and ‘when to eat’. Sounds cool, eh?

Q. Where does this mobile application stay?

Right in your trouser pocket.

Q. Availability?

All throughout the day. 24 x 7

Q. What exactly it does?

It analyses your food intake, readies its database and advises you on what is healthy for you to eat and when.

Q. Thats all?

No. You can write a recipe, calculate the amount of calories burnt, churn out tips about a particular food item, search for restaurants in your vicinity with healthy food on their menu list, connect with friends on what you eat and more.

Q. Wow, great! Does it have a name?

Yes. Nutri Leaf.

Stay Tuned!