Nutri Leaf: Features and Updates

We presume that you are now pretty well aware of Team Guids which comprises of three young and dynamic students working hard to help make this world a healthier place to live through a Windows Phone App. But wait, it’s not just an App. In fact it is your health counsel. We call it Nutri Leaf. In one sentence, Nutri Leaf is all about collecting nutritional information of a user’s daily intake/diet and providing the right healthy choice of what to consume as food. Inputs like age, height, weight, gender, activity level etc. are assessed including the calories intake too and with the help of Nutri Sense Algorithm, suggestions are doled out to the user on ‘What to eat‘ and ‘When to eat‘.


Ever heard of connecting users and the food they consume to social media platforms? Team Guids has grand plans to incorporate the above functionality into the second update of Nutri Leaf since a user does want to be connected 24X7. In short, Nutri Leaf can be called as a Social Nutrition Application.

Nutri Leaf comes with a wide range of features; features which would want you to say ‘This is what I have been looking for’. Read on to know more about them:

 Bar code Reader:

  • When a user ventures out shopping for food, Nutri Leaf scans the bar code of the particular food item which is being bought and lets the user know immediately if the food item is healthy to buy or not, thus helping save a lot of time and money for the user.
  • It has the ability to suggest healthy recipes to the user, based on the nutritional database that gets collected within.
  • Nutri Leaf can display the health rating of the just-scanned food item and also the Total Shopping Cart health rating of that particular shopping event.

Smart, isn’t it?



  • Users can write a new recipe. (It has to pass the Quality Test, checked by the Nutri Leaf Admin Team)
  • Users can read, comment and rate recipes.
  • Users can sort out the recipes and get a new list based on parameters like Category, Location and Time of the day.



  • A user can calculate the amount of Calories he/she burns per day.
  • A user can also obtain a pictorial representation (Graph) of the calories burnt in a day/week/month.


Tips are short-worded information bits which keep the user informed and updated within the specific module/category. Nutri Leaf displays tips while a user interacts with the application. These tips provide information on Nutrition, Diet and Health Activities of the Human Body. Users can view tips, like tips or even disable the tips feature by switching it to ‘Off’.



  • Nutri Leaf can suggest a restaurant name to check in while friends can also suggest a restaurant/eatery for hangouts.
  • On the Nutri Leaf taskbar, the restaurant admin can add more information about the variety of food they offer, their nutritional content, value and more.



  • Users can add or delete a friend.
  • Users can also check out the eating schedule of their friends, their check-ins to restaurants, their intake and also obtain the health ratings.
  •  Nutri Leaf also presents seamless integration for Facebook with the ability to post updates, add friends, look out for potential lunch/dinner options etc.


Impressed? We bet you are. With its second update coming soon to the Windows Phone Marketplace, Nutri Leaf will be the premier Nutrition Application with loads of enhanced features right at the user’s disposal. Team Guids believes in ‘Health is Wealth’ and these three words have been the core motivation factor for them to put together such a useful application for mobile users. Did we say it’s coming to the Android marketplace too? Yes, very soon.


Watch out for interesting stories about Team Guids and Nutri Leaf in the upcoming posts. At the end, we believe you will be mighty impressed and even want to say a ‘Thank You’.

Stay tuned!


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